Peninsula Practitioners

Noam Kedem, Certified Hakomi Practitioner

Noam Kedem, Certified Hakomi Practitioner

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Office in Foster City
Combining wisdom from the East and the West, Noam works with clients in a private, inviting setting to gently and mindfully coach them on how to come to terms with, accept and embrace reality. First session is free.
Shay Barak

Shay Barak

Offices in Los Altos and San Mateo, CA

Shay provides a healing practice combining the theories of western psychology and eastern philosophies. Shay’s work takes clients through a well-contained journey of finding and overcoming beliefs, which have prevented them from reaching their full potential and from enjoying life to its fullest. Shay works with adults, couples, parents, and beings from all walks of life, who wish to make a change in the way they live.
Noëlle A. Morris, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist

Noëlle A. Morris, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist

(650) 776-4688

Office in Menlo Park, CA 

Noelle offers somatic touch to improve nervous system regulation and resilience and to increase capacity for self awareness and healthy attachment to adults and occasionally teenagers. She is Hakomi certified and uses these skills in a trauma and developmental healing context. She has been studying with Kathy Kain over the last 20 years. She is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner approved to provide personal sessions at all levels and consultation at the beginning level.

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Flyer has a photo of Shirley with curly brown hair and a warm smile and a photo of RSH Teachers Shirley, Erica, Jacki, Lu, Traci and Eugenia all smiling. The logo of Relational Somatic healing is on the left with a flight (or murmuration) of birds taking off together from the middle.

Flyer reads:

Beholding - Relational Somatic Healing

Beyond attachment: Shifting relational habits from insecurity to inner security

Lead Teacher: Shirley Dvir, MFT, Ph.D. Student

Teachers: Erica Berman MFT, Jacki Hull MFT, Lu Jackson MFT, Traci Uchida MFT.  

Join us for a six-month course on healing developmental and relational wounds. Relational Somatic Healing is a unique modality that provides the client with an opportunity to study their relational habits and to fully experience a healthy bonding. By shifting clients’ way of connecting with their therapists in the here and now, clients can be more connected with themselves and others outside of the therapeutic setting. This transformational work can lead to lifelong changes such as regulation, resilience, embodiment, empowerment, and inner joy. 

What will you learn?  

  •  Core principles of Relational Somatic Healing

  •  Working with the internal state of the practitioner

  •  Shifting from a hierarchical, role-based perspective to a relational, experiential perspective in therapy

  •  New skills of receiving information in the therapeutic relationship

  •  How to use the relationship between therapist and client as a blueprint for change
  •  Deepening connection through statements and questions
  •  How to utilize countertransference

  •  The map of healthy relational bonding
  •  How to provide a healing experience and shift from trauma vortex to healing vortex.

Module one is a prerequisite to our touch training and is also valuable as a stand-alone training for those interested in transformative relational somatic practice without the use of touch.

In person Dates 2022:

5 weekends Saturday-Sunday, 9:30-4:30:


Oct - 15 & 16

Nov - 19 & 20

Dec - 17 & 18


Jan - 14 & 15

Feb - 11 & 12


2149 Byron Street, Berkeley, CA, 94702

Tuition: $2,400

Payment plans and CE’s available

For registration or any inquiries please email


Relational Somatic Healing

2915 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Berkeley CA, 94703

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