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Jaclyn Hull, LMFT #92776

Jaclyn Hull, LMFT #92776

(415) 617-5839
Office in Financial District, San Francisco

Jaclyn is a transpersonal psychotherapist, working with the mind, body, soul and spirit. Her work incorporates embodied touch, Hakomi, psychosynthesis (parts work), mindfulness, intuition, experiential play and present moment insight. She focuses on childhood wounding and attachment that can manifest as anxiety, depression, isolation, and relational issues. She is guided by your unique wisdom towards healing and growth, which often allows more love, connection and meaning into one’s life. 


 Laila Solaris, CMT

Laila Solaris, CMT

Contact through website

Office in San Francisco, CA


Laila’s commitment to healing has led her to study with various experts in the field of psychology, brain function, massage therapy and energy medicine.  Laila uses a combination of Relational Somatic Healing, The Hakomi Method, Authentic Movement and Craniosacral Therapy in her sessions. She is also a survivor of many years with Lyme Disease.  This rigorous teacher provided her with valuable training in facing difficulty with humor and creativity. She specializes in working with Highly Sensitive People, and those recovering from illness or trauma.

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