Relational Somatic Healing Staff

Shirley Dvir, MFT #44258​

Founder & Lead Teacher

Shirley is the founder and lead teacher of Relational Somatic Healing and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT 44258). She is currently earning a PhD at California Institute for Integral Studies in Somatic Psychology and is writing her dissertation on the use of safe touch in psychotherapy. She earned an MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University and a BA in Social Work from Haifa University in Israel. For over 10 years, she taught as a Certified Hakomi Teacher at the Hakomi Institute of California, John F. Kennedy University, California Institute for Integral Studies, and Shiluv Center in Tivon, Israel. She has also supervised associates pursuing MFT licensure and currently mentors licensed practitioners. Shirley has been practicing psychotherapy since 1997 in agencies and private practice, seeing families, children, couples, and individuals. She has training in psychodynamic work, attachment, EMDR, Sensorimotor Trauma Therapy, the Enneagram, family therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, and Body Mind Centering (Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen). Her main work today focuses on healing relational wounds with safe embodied touch. Her spiritual practice and meditation support how she holds her work and her teaching. She has a private practice based in Berkeley, CA.

Yevgenia Kirnos Boccieri, AMFT #117382

Executive Director

Yevgenia is the Executive Director of Relational Somatic Healing. She holds an MA in Integral Counselling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and a BA in Behavioral Sciences from Ben Gurion University in Israel. She is trained in Relational Somatic Healing, Hakomi, Gestalt, ACT, and other relational, somatic, and spiritual modalities. Yevgenia specializes in working with life transitions like postpartum, immigration, and grief. Her approach is warm, client-centered, and explorative. She has an online practice and works with clients in three languages – English, Russian, and Hebrew. In addition, Yevgenia is the founder of the Psychological Help for Ukraine Project, a humanitarian project that supports clinicians and individuals affected by the war in Ukraine

Traci Uchida, LMFT #104474


Traci is a licensed transpersonal and somatic therapist in the California East Bay Area. As a biracial, 4th generation Japanese American, she brings over a decade of experience working therapeutically with the greater millennial population since 2012. She has received mentoring and training with Shirley Dvir since 2015. Her approach includes a trauma informed lens that is grounded by deep spiritual practices and wisdom traditions. She weaves in her background of energy healing, intuitive training, and 13-moon priestess training into her work. Her mission is to provide spiritual education, healing and therapeutic tools, sacred systems and transformational processes in service of the awakening and liberation of all beings.

Lawnada Jackson, LMFT #131978


Lawanda is a Relational Somatic Healing teacher and a licensed somatic therapist seeing individuals and couples in person and remotely. She earned a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in 2008 and a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in 2019. Her area of specialization is Holistic Somatic Psychology. To her this means, acknowledging that the mind, body, and spirit are impacted by our life experiences and that all of these aspects of ourselves must be engaged in the healing process. Through this work, Lawanda has found that she’s especially passionate about supporting people in improving their relationship to themselves, cultivating self compassion and daring to create a life they truly desire. Her work includes mindfulness practices, movement, body awareness, and therapeutic touch. People who work with her say that she is down to earth, nonjudgmental, and warm-hearted. Down to her core, Lawanda is a free spirit, wild woman, and lover of life.

Office in Napa, CA

Jacki Hull, LMFT #92776


Jacki is a teacher at Relational Somatic Healing. She is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT 92776) with a Masters in Counseling from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. As a transpersonal psychotherapist, she includes the mind, body, soul and beyond. Jacki is trained in Relational Somatic Healing, Somatic Therapy from Hakomi, EMDR and Ketamine Assisted Therapy, from Polaris Insight Center and Sage Institute. Today her work focuses on the therapeutic relationship and embodied, relational touch to address developmental trauma & attachment ruptures, (which can manifest as anxieties, depression, isolation, relational issues and physical ailments).

She is also passionate about working with those affected
by cancer, grief and loss. Jacki has been in private practice since 2011. Her practice is in Berkeley and online. Jacki’s dedication is to remain in authenticity while helping others feel safe and secure enough to allow in more love, connection and freedom.