Relational Somatic Healing:

embodied touch in psychotherapy

Explore the Radical Potential of Healing Beyond Words

Touch, our very first language, can reach the deepest layers of our experience and our healing potential. Although the latest research and science supports the healing benefit of touch, many psychotherapists are afraid to use it in their practice. Touch, if done in an embodied, slow, and gentle way, can be an ethical and safe therapeutic tool. Using touch we can have direct access to the physiology of developmental trauma, character style and attachment, and can move far beyond the limitations of verbal exploration. We are here to teach you how to hold your clients’ growth and transformation.

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“It’s about trust.

Trusting that your body knows what to do. It made itself, whatever it is and whoever you are.

Nobody else knows what’s going on

The way you do.”

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

“ People have been healing each other since the beginning. Long before there were surgeons, psychologist, oncologist, and internist, we were there for each other…the enormous power in the simplest of human relationships : the strengths of a touch, the blessing of forgiveness, the grace of someone else taking you just as you are and finding in you an unsuspected goodness.

Everyone alive has suffered. It is the wisdom gained from our wounds and from our own experiences of suffering that makes us able to heal. Becoming expert has turned out to be less important than remembering and trusting the wholeness in my self and in everyone else. Expertise cures, but wounded people can be best healed by other wounded people. Only other wounded people can understand what is needed, for the healing of suffering is compassion, not expertise”.

Kitchen Table Wisdom / Rachel Naomi Remen

Relational Somatic Healing is the missing link between relationship, words and the body – the part that has no words, but never forgets.”

“Life is so complex – but often the most powerful healing is simple.”

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Relational Somatic Healing

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