Student Quotes from Trainings

Quotes from Students

“I learned how much I love this work and how important the non-doing or being state is to facilitate the wisdom of the body and aliveness.”

“Love is so abundant. Wise guidance can allow dry rivers to fill again.”

“It’s about deep healing of the being and the body – a meeting of the soul and inviting it home.”

“It’s sacred and mundane- following the every day physical realm of the body to the realm of sacred healing.”

“Using the relationship is the primary resource to allow completion of survival responses that have already been interrupted”

“Hard to summarize, very deep, profound, like a coming home.”

“This work is a profound way to do deep healing in a way that fuels both client and practitioner.”

“Healing is possible.”

“I am loved and lovable, I am ok, I get to choose, I can trust myself and God.”

“A blissful and transcendent experience of giving and receiving which lets me feel the power of this way of working.”

“Relational Somatic Healing is the missing link between relationship, words and the body – the part that has no words, but never forgets.”

“Life is so complex – but often the most powerful healing is simple.”


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